Balance Yin And Yang With Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet Your diet not only influences your physical health, but the condition of your mental health is also determined by the foods and drinks you take.

Macrobiotic diet is one such diet plan that simultaneously takes care of your physical and mental health. Inspired by the Zen Buddhism philosophy, macrobiotic diet tries to balance the yin and yang or the negative and positive forces of life through the intake of food. The term macrobiotic, derived from Greek, means long or great life. This is a form of vegetarian diet plan that is loaded with several health benefits.

Balancing yin and yang
The aim of the macrobiotic diet is to attain a balance between different food flavors. Foods are divided into two categories, namely yin and yang. Foods belonging to the yin groups are sweet, cold and bland. Salty, hot and spicy foods belong to the yang group. Extreme yin and yang foods are avoided in macrobiotic diet plan.

Natural foods
Macrobiotic diet encourages intake of food in its natural form. Excess cooking that destroys the natural flavor and color of the food is discouraged in macrobiotic diet. Cooking methods are usually limited to steaming, boiling or baking. To derive most of the nutrients present in fruits and vegetables, you should primarily consume locally grown organic foods. The macrobiotic diet menu comprises primarily of whole grains. Brown rice is a particular favorite component of this diet plan.

Nearly 50 to 60 percent of a macrobiotic diet meal should comprise of whole grains. Fresh organic vegetables, including seaweed, should form 25 to 30 percent of the diet. The rest of the meal should contain beans, seeds, nuts and fruits. Stimulating foods such as potatoes, zucchinis, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, sugar, caffeine, refined flour, dairy products, fatty meats, poultry and food additives and preservative should be avoided or consumed in limited amounts. Meat and fish could be occasionally eaten. People following the macrobiotic diet plan could have one to two cups of soup everyday.

Benefits of macrobiotic diet
Due to its low fat and high fiber content, macrobiotic diet is considered beneficial for the health. It is believed that macrobiotic diet could reduce the risk of certain cancers such as ovarian, colorectal and prostrate cancers.