Bad Breath Remedies

Several factors might be responsible for developing bad breath. Foul mouth odor might be associated with your dietary habit, poor oral hygiene and dental problems. By correcting the problems linked to your bad breath, you could get rid of this embarrassing problem. Although home remedies and over the counter bad breath fighting remedies could temporarily cover up your foul breath, for a permanent solution you must check your oral health and habits that produce bad breath.

Causes of bad breath

Traces of food particles remaining in the mouth invites the bad oral bacteria to break them down and emit foul hydrogen sulfide vapors. If you neglect your oral health, plagues forming in the tooth will promote tooth decay and destruction of the gum, aggravating foul breath.

The saliva in your mouth washes away the bacteria and dead cells, preventing bad breath. Dry mouth is one of the main causes of bad breath. The saliva secretion might dwindle naturally while sleeping. The problem is greater among people who have the bad habit of sleeping with their mouths open. Dry mouth might develop from smoking or as side effect of certain medications. Bad breath might be a symptom of chronic lung disease, chronic acidity, kidney failure and certain cancers. Sinus infection and obstruction in the nasal passage can cause bad breath. Rigid dieting and fasting could develop unpleasant mouth odor.

Bad breath remedies

Bad breath could be covered up with these following remedies.

You can chew fresh parsley leaves for covering up your bad breath. Rinsing your mouth frequently with a decoction prepared by boiling ten to fifteen parsley leaves in a cup of water for about five minutes could prevent bad mouth odor.

Drinking fenugreek tea or rinsing your mouth with a fenugreek decoction could cure bad breath.

Drink water
Dry mouth developing from dehydration could emit foul odor from your mouth. To prevent it, keep your mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water.

Chewing spices
If you want to prevent the embarrassment of bad breath, wherever you go, carry a tiny pouch containing spices such as aniseed, cloves or fennel. Chewing a little amount of a bad breath fighting spice is enough to cover up bad breath.