Baby Skin Care Tips

The delicate and sensitive skin of your baby needs special care. Harsh chemicals, preservatives and additives in skin care products might harm the tender skin of your baby.

Skin care products for babies
While choosing skin and hair care products for your baby, make sure that the soaps, creams, lotions and shampoos are devoid of allergens and irritants. Although skin care products specifically created for babies are safe for the sensitive skin of the infant, studies suggest that certain ingredients in these products might irritate your baby’s skin.

Some laboratory studies indicate that phthalates and parabens present in baby skin care products might not be safe for the child’s health. These substances might affect the hormonal balance in the infant’s body. To avoid health complications, you might choose skin care products made with natural ingredients. It is advisable to choose skin care products containing small number of ingredients. Avoid products with added fragrances. Chemicals used for making the pleasant aroma might not be safe for your baby’s health.

However, you should also be careful about products containing natural fragrances. Some babies might be allergic even to natural fragrances. Unscented products are always safe for infants. To keep germs at bay, mothers often use antibacterial soaps. These soaps might contain triclosan, which might not be safe for your child.

Do not use too much soap or shampoo for washing your body. Excessive use of cleaning agents might irritate your baby’s skin.

Baby ski care with natural ingredients
As long as your child is not allergic to certain herbs, skin care products made with natural substances are usually safe for the sensitive skin of the child. For moisturizing the delicate skin of your baby, you can use sweet almond oil or olive oil. You can apply small amount of cocoa butter to your baby’s face and body. Diaper rash and baby acne might be treated with aloe vera gel. You can use zinc oxide cream for healing diaper rash. Talcum powder might not be safe for your baby. Respiratory problems might develop if your baby inhales the fine grains of powder. You can replace talcum powder with cornstarch-based powder.