Baby Shower Theme

Baby shower is a popular custom celebrated in several communities throughout the world. This celebration is held to mark the imminent arrival of a child in the family.

This traditional celebration of the African, Asian and Latin American countries have become popular in the European countries in recent years.

Usually a baby shower is held for the expecting mother. However, in recent years it is held for both parents. Baby shower is not only held for the biological child, you can even host a baby shower before bringing your adopted child home.

Baby shower themes

Instead of hosting a baby shower with the usual decorations and foods, you can consider hosting a theme baby shower. Theme parties are extremely popular nowadays. A baby shower theme should blend the tradition with a special element.

Gender specific themes

If the law of your country permits you to know the gender of the fetus, you can host a gender specific baby shower. Baby shower for a baby girl might include girlie themes such as pink theme where pink should be used for decoration. The invitation cards and dresses worn by the guests and the expectant mother should be pink in color.

Even the gifts should be wrapped in pink papers. You can even opt for fairy or Barbie theme for the baby shower for a girl. Baby shower for boys could have a blue theme. You can even use sports, fishing, hunting or jungle themes for baby boy shower.

Nursery rhyme theme

Nursery rhymes are an integral part of childhood. You can consider this popular childhood element as a baby shower theme. Instead of decorating your house will balloons or confetti, you can decorate the party venue with texts of the popular nursery rhymes.

Animal baby shower theme

Teddy bear, frog, bumblebee or Hello Kitty – you can choose any animal as the baby shower theme. You can even choose your animal theme by consulting the Chinese calendar, which dedicates each year to a particular animal. Noah’s ark, circus, rocking horse or jungle themes are popular options for a baby shower.

Pampering mother theme

A baby shower could be a great idea for pampering the mother-to-be. You can reduce the woe of the expecting mother by pampering her with a refreshing spa treatment, arranging her favorite games and offering her foods, she loves the most.