Baby Baptism gifts

Baby Baptism gifts A significant event in the life of a baby is his or her baptism ceremony. More than just a religious rite, this occasion marks the baby’s first step into the world of his or her religion. As all good things are celebrated, a baby’s baptism is also a joyous event. After the vows are taken and the toasts are raised, it’s time for gift giving and receiving.

If you’re invited to a baby’s baptism, you need to take an appropriate gift for the baby. Even though he or she will be too small to understand the gift, your gesture will certainly be appreciated by the proud parents. Ensure that you shop for a gift that suits the occasion of a baby’s baptism. A bike or pen certainly wouldn’t be counted as appropriate!

Baby book
Although baby books may be common, you can make a special one for the baby who has just been baptized. Or you can also personalize a baby book with unique pictures and words.

Baby photo frame
Let the parents treasure the first picture of their baptized baby with a special photo frame. Select or make one following the traditional color theme – blue for boys and pink for girls. A silver white frame with ornamentation around the edges would also look beautiful with a baby’s picture inside.

Bible for baby
An illustrated children’s Bible is a great gift for a child and also for the parents. They can read from the Bible to the baby to strengthen his or her faith from an early age.

Clothes and jewelry
A beautiful, white embroidered gown in cotton would be perfect attire for the baby on his or her baptism day. This gift will have to be given before the actual baptism so that the parents don’t end up with two sets of gowns – the one you make and the one they buy.

Commemorate the special occasion of a baby’s baptism with a thoughtful gift that the family will cherish for life.