Avoid Sore Nipples While Breast-Feeding

sore-nipples-while-breast-feeding Avoid Sore Nipples While Breast-Feeding

One of the most common problems faced by breast feeding mothers is the sore nipple and the related pain. Sore nipple arises due to the improper positioning of the baby for latching or if the baby is not sucking properly. Any infection caused by fungus also results in sore nipples. Sore nipple creates a painful sensation while feeding your baby.  If you stops breast feeding your baby with the onset of sore nipple then it will cause engorgement in your breast.

How to Avoid Sore Nipples

The very best remedy for sore nipple is prevention. For this you have to latch your baby properly. A baby while sucking must be in a position with its head tilted up slightly and the baby should have the nipple touching its mouth’s roof. The nipple along with the areola should be inside the baby’s mouth and this prevents the baby from biting the nipple. If you have pain while feeding then detach the baby from feeding. While doing so you must take care to avoid pulling the nipple from baby’s mouth. Instead you have to insert a finger in to your baby’s mouth and thus detach him from feeding. Otherwise it will hurt you.

Apply some natural soothing substances like coconut oil on the sores and before feeding wash it off with warm water. Similarly you can also apply almond oil, olive oil, lanolin, vitamin E ointments, comfrey ointments, calendula cream etc. You can even use the breast milk for applying on the sores. Breast milk having the antibacterial property will help you to avoid the nipple soreness. If you applied any medications on your nipple then you have to wash it with warm water before feeding your baby.

You can also use hot salt water compress for healing the sore. You can even sit in a tub containing hot salt water. Alternatively you can also try cold water compress for getting relief from the pain. Also allow your breast to air dry for sometime daily and if possible expose your breast to the sun for about three minutes. This will avoid the building up of moisture around the nipple.

Always wear a comfortable nursing bra that is not tight enough to plug the milk ducts. If you are experiencing any friction between the nipple and bra then insert a cotton pad in that area.