Avoid Breast Infections While Breast-Feeding

breast-feeding Avoid Breast Infections While Breast-Feeding

Breast feeding plays an important role in providing immunity to the child against various diseases as well as strengthening the bond between the mother and the baby.. However lack of proper care while breast feeding, may result in infection in the breast. Any infection in the breast will be very painful and it may compel you to discontinue breast feeding. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby and it imparts immunity to your baby. Stopping breast feeding means your baby is denied of proper immunity. If you don’t take proper care then the infection may turn in to mastitis. The following steps may help you to avoid infections.

How to Avoid Infection

In order to avoid the breast infections you have to feed your baby regularly and at the right time. Also ensure that the baby is sucking properly and your breast is getting emptied. Otherwise milk will remain inside the breast and it may harm you and your baby as the baby won’t get sufficient milk. For ensuring the proper sucking of milk you can try different feeding positions that make your baby suck more milk. Also avoid usage of milk bottles as it may make the baby lazy to suck milk from breast as it needs more effort to get milk as compared to feeding bottle. This may leads to engorgement in breast.

During breast feeding you need to take more rest to keep yourself healthy.

Also include  a lot of water or liquid food in your daily diet and this may help you to avoid infections. Being a mother you have to take care in your dressing also. Wear dresses that are comfortable and loose. Avoid clothes that squeeze your breast like tight bathing suit. Also avoid carrying heavy bags on your shoulder as all these may compress the breast and it impairs the proper flow of milk resulting in clogging of ducts. Clogging of milk ducts leads to the formation of reddish areas and lumps in the breast.

Daily check your breast for infections like white spots on the nipple, nipple soreness or burning sensation while feeding your baby. Also check your baby’s mouth for white spots which indicates infection. If you feel any lumps or tenderness in your breast then gently massage that area.

If you find any such symptoms then consult your doctor for better treatment.