Attractions of Madagascar

Madagascar is a paradise of nature. This fourth largest island in the world is home to some of the strangest floras and faunas of the earth. Here you will come across elephant birds, the largest avian species on the planet, the largest as well as the smallest chameleons in the world and whistling lemurs. Madagascar is a popular destination for nature lovers.

Things to know before you visit

Madagascans are friendly and hospitable people. However, life moves here at a slow pace. The public transport of the country is tardy. Although, the social customs of the Madagascans would seem like superstition to the travelers, you are advised not to make any adverse comment. Avoid being disrespectful of the local taboos. Before visiting tombs, you should seek the permission or advice of the local people. If you are staying in a family home, you can give them any gift other than money. While exploring the country don’t snap pictures of police or military establishments.

Attractions in Madagascar

Ifaty comprises of two fishing villages. It has a rocky and narrow coastline. This is popular snorkeling and diving spot in Madagascar. If you are lucky, you can watch the whales as they swim through the Mozambique Channel. Visitors to Ifaty, usually stay in the beach bungalow hotels. The eastern side of the beach is flanked by the Reniala Nature Reserve. This is one of the finest nature parks for bird watching.

To experience the charm of the colonial French settlements you should visit Antananarivo or Tana. Here the people speak in French and even the shop signs are written in French. The main attraction of Tana is the Queens Palace and the surrounding Royal Village. The Zoma Market is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. To acquaint yourself with the indigenous plants and animals, you can visit the Tsimbazaza Zoological and Botanical Garden.

Elsewhere is a favorite picnicking spot of Madagascar. This place flaunts an artificial lake, an industrial park and pine forests. About 10km away from Elsewhere is located Ampefy. This volcanic region is noted for its natural geysers and waterfalls.

Antiseranana or Diego Suarez is a cosmopolitan seaport of the country. In the vicinity of this town you will find waterfalls, lakes and rainforests. From here you can sail in a boat to Nossi Be, the most popular beach of Madagascar.


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