Attractions Of Laguna Beach

Whether you are an art aficionado, a nature lover or a wild party animal, Laguna Beach is the perfect retreat for you. Framed by the cobalt blue waters of the Pacific and the Laguna Canyon, this coastal town, located to the south of Los Angeles, is a paradise worth exploring.

Art museum and art festivals
Laguna Beach is a paradise for art lovers. The town was founded in 1910 by a San Francisco based artist Norman St Clair. In the following decades, artists from all over the country started to fill the town. So much was the popularity of Laguna Beach as the art hub of California that in the late 1920s nearly half of the town’s residents were artists. This small beach town is dotted with art galleries. The Laguna Art Museum is the oldest art institution in Orange County. It is adorned with works of American art with special emphasis on Californian art and culture. To instill the spirit of art and creativity among the locals and visitors, the Laguna Beach Festival of Art is held every year in the summer. This oldest art festival in South California, held in the picturesque Laguna Canyon Park, displays works of Californian artists. The Pageant of the Masters is noted for recreating original classical and contemporary art works. The Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair and the Sawdust Art Festival are other popular art festivals of the beach retreat, where hundreds of artists and art lovers conglomerate.

Laguna Beach Playhouse
Laguna Beach Playhouse is the epitome of the cultural vibrancy of Laguna Beach. In the 400-seater Moulton Theater, the oldest professional theatre company of the West Coast stages plays for adults and children.

Beaches and parks
The Main Beach of the coastal town is crowded throughout the year. This is a great place to enjoy a game of beach volleyball or basketball. You can shop in the downtown chic boutiques and enjoy a sumptuous meal in the local restaurants. The other lesser crowded but scenic beaches include the Sleepy Hollow, Victoria Beach, Wood’s Cove, Shaw’s Cove, Thousand Steps, Aliso Creek and Crescent Bay. The Heisler Park is a popular wedding venue on the Main Beach. Scuba divers and mountain bikers could not help admiring the beauty of Crystal Cove State Park. You can also sail on a cruise and watch the dolphins in the Pacific.