Attracting Birds In The Garden In Winter

Bird lovers try every mean to attract birds in their yard. You would start considering the regular avian visitors no different from the pets that stay with you. However, from early winter the number of birds visiting your garden starts to dwindle. Birds come to your garden in search of food. During the freezing winter months, the food source tends to shrink. To prevent the feathered visitors from leaving your yard, you should take steps to ensure that there is adequate supply of food for the birds in your yard.Seeds

Fill the feeders in your garden with seeds in the winter. If you want to prevent the squirrels and raccoons from accessing the birdie foods, install hanging feeders in the garden. Sunflower seeds, especially the black sunflower seeds or oil seeds, are the most favorite foods of the birds. Woodpeckers, purple finches, gold finches, cardinals and blue jays are some birds that are easily attracted to the sunflower seeds in your garden.

Another popular bird food is safflower seeds. While birds such as blue jays, grackles and starlings don’t like these seeds, but safflower seeds can attract woodpeckers, titmice and chickadees. To attract gold flinches in your garden, you can fill the feeders with nyjer or thistle seed. However, nyjer bird seeds are expensive bird foods. Depending on your budget, you must decide whether to buy nyjer or opt for cheaper options.

Suet is a favorite bird food. Suet feeders are an easy way to attract woodpeckers in your yard. It is made from beef and venison fat. Suet is particularly beneficial for birds during the winter. It gives them the energy needed to survive the long freezing season.

Birds just like humans and animals need water throughout the year. If you don’t have a birdbath in your garden, keep a shallow saucer filled with warm water in the garden. You should fill the saucer at least once a day, in the early morning. To prevent the water in the saucer from freezing, take the saucer inside your house after dusk. Birdbaths with heaters immersed in the bath can prevent the water in the bath from freezing in the winter. If your budget permits, you can install a birdbath that does not freeze in the winter in your garden.