Attach AstroScope to SLR Cameras and Snap Nighttime Pictures

astroscope-for-your-canon Are you planning a nighttime jungle safari in Africa? To capture the nighttime fascinating jungle scenes, you can consider getting Electrophysics’ latest AstroScope for your Canon or Nikon digital SLR camera.

AstroScope features
Capturing bright images in the darkness of the night is extremely difficult. Night vision technology is specifically developed to snap pictures in the dark. AstroScope is primarily designed for use with Canon EOS cameras and Nikon AF cameras. AstroScope 9350NIKS-P is designed for Nikon SLR cameras and AstroScope 9350EOS-P is meant for Canon SLR cameras. It could be used with video and camcorders as well. When this night vision module is fitted between the body of the camera and the SLR objective lens, you will get bright and high-resolution full frame images. AstroScope works in dark conditions below 10-4 lux. The Gen III image intensifier technology of the night vision module, amplifies the available source of ambient light. It can intensify any available source of light including moonlight, starlight and the near infrared light, which is invisible to human eyes. This makes the green nighttime scenes sharper and clearer than images produced by most traditional night vision modules.

The manufacturer of AstroScope has assured us that this night vision module is easy to use. The instructions present in the user manual can be followed easily. Whether you are using AstroScope for Canon or Nikon SLR digital cameras, the basic rules of operation remains the same. You should operate your camera in the manual mode with manual focus, 1/30 second shutter speed, lowest f-stop or wide open aperture and initial settings of 800ISO. Auto focus is not recommended, because under low light condition, the digital SLR cameras instantly switch to nighttime low light auto focus.

AstroScope draws its power from the battery of the SLR camera. It consumes very little power.

AstroScope night vision is subject to strict US export control measures. To avail this night vision module you must satisfy several criteria.