AT&T Offers Subsidized Acer, Dell & Lenovo Netbooks

att-offers-subsidized To expand their broadband customer base, telecommunication service providers are offering customers subsidized netbooks. After Sprint stunned its customers by offering Compaq Mini 110c-1041DX netbooks for 99 cents, it is now time for AT&T to join the subsidized netbook fray. From now on, you can get subsidized Dell, Lenovo and Acer notebooks by subscribing AT&T’s data plan.

Acer Aspire One
If you subscribe to AT&T’s $60 per month data plan for two years, you can avail Acer Aspire One notebook for $199.99. You can also buy this Acer netbook for $199.99 by signing a $40 per month two-year contract. In case of the $60 per month data plan, you can avail 5GB of free data transfer each month. In case of the $40 per month data plan, only 200MB of free data transfer will be allowed every month.

Acer Aspire is a lightweight mini laptop, weighing only 2.53 pounds. It is powered by Intel Atom processor. This Acer netbook runs on Windows XP Home operating system. This netbook features a 10-inch display, 160GB hard drive, 1GB memory, in-built webcam with video conferencing capability, stereo speakers and high definition audio.

Dell Insiron Mini 10
You can also buy a subsidized Dell Mini 10 notebook by paying only $199.99, if you subscribe to AT&T data plans for two years.

Dell Insiron Mini 10 is slightly heavier than Acer Aspire One, weighing 2.86 pounds. This netbook supports Window XP Home. Like Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini 10 also features 10-inch display, 1GB memory and 160GB hard drive and webcam. It is also fitted with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

Lenovo S10
Lenovo S10 will also cost $199.99 after mail-in rebate with AT&T data plans.

The 2.63-pound Lenovo S10 also shares most of the features of Acer Aspire One and Dell Insiron Mini 10. In addition, it is equipped with multi-touch touchpad and VeriFace facial recognition technology.

All the three netbooks support Wi-Fi and 3G.

All these three netbooks with AT&T subscription plan will be available online through You can also buy the subsidized netbooks from Brick and Mortar stores and other AT&T direct sales stores.