AT&T Brings LG Shine 2

LG Shine 2 When LG first launched the LG Shine handset, cell phone users found a device whose reflective surface doubled as a mirror. Therefore, if you wanted to check whether your hairstyle was in place or your makeup was not messed up, you could rely on your LG Shine handset. Recently LG has introduced an upgraded version of the original Shine, named LG Shine 2. This stylish shiny phone will be available with an AT&T data plan.

LG Shine 2 features
Flaunting a brightly polished stainless steel body, LG Shine 2 is a stylish slider with rounded edges. The pivotal feature of this LG phone is its 2.2 inches reflective screen. The mirror LCD display of the phone is equipped with Multi Angle Vision technology, which enables users to view the contents on the screen from various angles.

LG Shine sports a 2 megapixel camera complete with flash, 2x zoom, image editor, multi-shot, landscape and video recording functions. The customizable equalizer and the music recognition application integrated with the music player of the LG Shine 2 handset will enable users to enjoy their favorite music. LG Shine 2 supports stereo Bluetooth, which will allow users to connect to wireless headsets. AT&T subscribers could also access the AT&T Mobile Music service. To enable hands free communication, speakerphone is integrated in the Shine 2 handset. However, absence of FM radio will not allow you to tune in to your favorite FM radio station. Shine 2 users can access AT&T video and watch their favorite videos on the display of the handset.

The built-in GPS along with AT&T Navigator will allow LG Shine 2 users to find directions on the move. LG Shine 2 will run on the GSM and UMTS networks.

For faster data download, LG Shine 2 supports 2G connectivity. However, LG Shine 2 does not support Wi-Fi. All popular messaging formats, including text messaging, multimedia messaging and email is supported by this slider phone. LG shine 2 could be used for chatting via AOL, Yahoo and Windows Live. This LG handset sports USB port for PC syncing, WAP browser and microSD memory card slot for external memory expansion. The battery of the phone has enough juice to support up to 3.33 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time.

Price and availability
LG Shine 2 will be up for grabs from November 22. It will cost $119.99 along with a two-year contract with AT&T.


  • Well, I am grateful to att for that, i have been waiting for this since my cousion bought the shine.

  • The second handset, the Shine CU720, debuted with AT&T. Though we weren’t crazy about its keypad or controls, we enjoyed the phone, particularly at its contract price of $149.