Asus G51J 3D: Notebook For 3D Gaming

Asus G51J 3D Gaming enthusiasts who always wanted to merge the boundary between the virtual and the real world would adore the upcoming Asus G51J 3D. The NVDIA 3D Vision technology, integrated with the Asus notebook, along with the exquisite 3D glasses, shipped with the notebook, will provide Asus G51J 3D users an exhilarating gaming experience.

Asus G51J 3D features
The upcoming Asus notebook is equipped with the best of the budding 3D gaming technology. This will be the first notebook to sport NVDIA 3D Vision technology. This Asus notebook features NVDIA GeForce GTX 260M and 1GB DDR3 video memory. To enhance the functionality of the notebook, Asus has incorporated Intel Core i7 processor in Asus G51J 3D. This stunning Asus device will run on the robust 64-bit Windows 7 operating system.

The GPU driver and the 120Hz 3D panel are capable of presenting up to 60 images to each of your eyes. The even presentation of images to each eye will prevent image distortion. The specially designed 3D Vision active shutter glasses that are part of the Asus G51J 3D notebook package, aided with infrared ray emission covering a wide range, will ensure that the gamer views full resolution images from all angles.

The resonating sound blaring from the speakers of the notebook to create a real life like gaming experience is powered by the EAX and CMSS audio technology. The EAX Advanced HD 4.0 audio technology has been integrated in the new Asus notebook to produce three dimensional sound effect compatible with the three dimensional gaming scenes. This astounding audio technology is equipped to produce up to 64 additional sound effects. It can also create ultra-realistic sound effects that match over three hundred games supported by the Asus 3D gaming notebook.

To produce a booming surround sound, CMSS audio technology is packed in the notebook. To improve the audio quality further, Asus has included Altec Lansing speakers to this upcoming mobile computing cum gaming device.

Asus G51J 3D promises to produce a real immersive 3D multimedia and gaming experience with its ultra realistic graphics and sharp and clear images and clear sound. Asus G51J 3D supports a wide range of latest 3D games such as Resident Evil 5, World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King, Borderlands, Star Trek and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Price and availability
Asus G51J 3D will cost $1699.99. It will be available from, and several other retails.


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