Arthritis Neck

Arthritis of the neck is a condition in which the bones and disc of the neck undergoes degeneration. Sometimes inflammation on any of the structures of the neck may also cause arthritis. Arthritis neck can be due to three main type of arthritis and they are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis.

Types of Neck Arthritis


Osteoarthritis is otherwise called cervical osteoarthritis or cervical spondylosis. This may affect people above 40 years old and is happening due to the wear and tear. The cartilage between the bones undergoes degenerative changes and may wear out partly or completely. This in turn may results in herniated disc or bony growths on spine or calcium build ups in discs etc which may end up with inflammation of the nerves.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It may cause inflammation of the cartilage in the joints and thus leads to the destruction of cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis may affect many joints at a time and may affect both the sides of the body equally.

Post-traumatic Arthritis

It can be due to the repetitive stress on the neck or can be due to accidents, falls that results in hyperflexions, hyper-extension etc of the neck.

Symptoms of Arthritis Neck

Symptoms may vary from person to person depending up on the cause of the arthritis. The commonly seen symptom of arthritis of neck includes stiffness and pain in the neck region. Sometimes the patient may experience pain in their shoulders too. It may also cause tingling, weakness, numbness etc on the hand, forearms and arms.

Sometimes the affected person may also develop spinning, dizziness and loss of balance along with a headache mostly on the back of the head. If there is too much pressure on the spinal cord then the patient may have weakness and numbness on their legs. Most of the symptoms gets aggravated while bending, turning or extending the neck.

Arthritis Neck Treatment

Physiotherapy is good treatment method for getting relief from the pain and stiffness in the neck. It may help you to improve your range of motion. With the help of your doctor, practice posture exercises and this helps you to maintain good posture and avoid the discomfort of arthritis. Hydrotherapy which is a combination treatment of heat, water and air is also found to be ideal for arthritis neck.