Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joint and is seen in dogs also. It is a degenerative disorder that leads to pain, inflammation and stiffness of the joints. It is more common in over weight and lazy dogs. In certain cases young dogs are also prone to develop arthritis. There are different types of arthritis in dogs and they are osteoarthritis, idiopathic arthritis, infective  arthritis, immune mediated arthritis etc.

Causes of Arthritis

Most common type of arthritis in dogs are osteoarthritis in which the cartilage  between the joints gets degenerated and become thinner and at times wear out completely. This in turn expose the bones and increases the friction between the bones. Any inflammation on the synovial membrane of the joint and synovial fluid may also result in arthritis.  Damage to the joints due to injury or accidents will leads to arthritis. Similarly certain diseases like canine hip dysplasia and certain infections may results in arthritis in dogs. In certain cases genetics also leads to arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

They may develop lameness gradually on one or more of its limb. Dog may also refuse to walk for long distance and shows disapproval to climb steps. This can be due to the pain in the joints and the extend of pain may be different in different dogs. Your dog may have difficulty in moving during the morning  and stiffness get reduced with movements. You can notice swelling on the joints. In effect arthritis restrict your dog’s normal living. The dog may have lack of appetite and irritability.

Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs

The affected dog requires good exercise. Even though the exercise may make the condition of the cartilage worse but it may trigger the production of lubricating fluid and it aids in the movement of the joints. Also try to reduce your dog’s weight with regular exercise and diet. This may help your dog to get relief from the pain. Swimming is a also a good remedy for arthritis. Anti inflammatory medications that a veterinarian can prescribe may give your dog good relief from the inflammation and pain in the joints.