Arrow Revolution – The Digital Touchscreen IPod-like Lock

arrow-lock Security of your house is undoubtedly your utmost concern. When you step outside your home, you have to ensure that keys to the lock of your house are carefully tucked in your pocket or bag. Arrow Lock has introduced a new door lock system, dubbed Revolution, which will not require keys to open it. Instead of using a key, you have to use a password to gain entry to your house. Although, we have already seen several password enabled locking system, but the new innovative Arrow Lock with its iPod-like design definitely stands out in the crowd.

Arrow Revolution features
Arrow Revolution has indeed brought ‘revolution’ in the locking technology. While we are living in a world dominated by digital technology, we have hardly seen the digital technology pervading our locking system. Door locks have experienced slow technical innovations over the years. Your current door lock has hardly any feature that is different from the door locks available twenty years back. In order to change the door locking system, Arrow Lock has introduced digital technology to its latest door lock.

The design of Arrow Revolution resembles your iPod. It features touchscreen display, where you should enter your password to enter your house. Revolution is easy to install. It can be installed in the existing key system of your door. Revolution is also easy to use. Entering password on the Revolution touchscreen display is as easy as typing on your touchscreen cell phone.

Although, you can install Revolution in any house in any location, but it is ideally suitable for high traffic locations such as offices, hospitals, apartments, stores, schools and churches, which have multiple users and allow restricted entry. Up to 1000 passwords could be assigned to users to gain entry to a particular place locked with the Revolution digital lock.

Revolution is weather resistant and will not be damaged by rain and dust. The voice activation feature allows users to program the digital lock verbally in English, French or Spanish. If you are bored with the digital world, for a change you can switch off the digital operating system and enter your house with a key that also comes with Revolution. Revolution comes with a 9-volt backup battery that will help to power it, if the internal battery loses charge.