Arm Exercises

Arm Exercises

If you are planning to build a perfect body then you need to concentrate on your arms too. This is because arms are the most externally visible part of the body. Arm exercises also helps to strengthen your arms by toning the muscles.

Arm exercises helps you to build massive triceps and peaked biceps. While doing arm exercises you need to do triceps, biceps and forearms exercises together. This is because triceps helps to straighten your arms while biceps aids in curling and lifting. Forearm muscles helps to curl the wrist.

Triceps Exercise

Lying Triceps Extension

This exercise helps to develop overall muscle mass of triceps. This can be performed by lying down on a bench with a bar having weights. Hold the bar at shoulder width with  an overhand grip. Then push the weights up till your arms gets locked out. Maintain the elbows stationary and down the bar back to the normal position.

Bicep Exercise

Barbell Curls

It is considered as one of the best bicep exercise for building the overall size of the biceps and thus gives rise to big and muscular arms. Start the exercise with barbell having  medium sized weights. Hold the bar at shoulder width distance with underhand grip. Now lift the bar and curl up, up to which you can. Try to keep the elbows stationary during the exercise.  While doing this you may feel good contraction on biceps and then slowly extend the arms to attain the starting position.

Forearm Exercise

Barbell Wrist Curls

This exercise is considered as a best wrist isolation one. It helps to build the forearm’s inner side. For doing this exercise you need to sit on an end of a bench and then hold the barbell at shoulder width and with under grip. Allow your forearm to remain on the bench with the wrist and hand holding the barbell to hang down. Now curl your wrist with the weight and you may feel contraction in the forearm muscles. Then lower the weight as down as possible so as to have a complete stretch on the forearm.