Are you jealous of your best friend?

jealous-freind You and this friend of yours have grown up together. You have been friends since standard one. You go to same concerts, games and parties. In short, your friend is next to your soul-sister.

However, nowadays whenever she excels your score in any topic, you feel a strange sting of discomfort. Also, you are finding it increasingly uneasy to accept the fact that even your boyfriend praises her most of the time.

In simple terms, you are growing jealous of your best friend. But along with a sting of jealousy; if you’re experiencing pangs of guilt too, then there is a scope for reformation.

There is a common myth that most relationships come with an expiry date. However, that is not entirely true. It completely depends on an individual’s perspective regarding a certain relationship.

If you think that you are unable to control your jealousy, then try to find a solution to this problem. Remember, you are not a weakling and will not let any special relationship perish due to your rising envy.

Some ways to overcome jealousy are to think positive and uplift one’s self confidence. If someone praises your friend in front of you then try not to see it in a negative light. If she’s is your true friend then try and feel happy for her.

To avoid negative feelings, think of the best times you have spent together. Also, if she’s your true friend then try and think of the times she helped you in difficult situations.

Also, try to recall the times when she comforted you during your depression-phases. Sometimes jealousy arises in friendship because one’s best friend gets increasingly noticed due to a specific attribute of hers.

It could be her looks, achievements or confidence level. Instead of feeling jealous, try to explain to yourself that you are good too. If there are certain areas where you are lagging behind; then train and practice to improve your skills and knowledge in those areas.

Wake up every morning and tell yourself ten good things about yourself. Also, whenever you feel jealousy pangs, try to recall good qualities about yourself. Try to remember the accolades and compliments you have received from people earlier.

Most of all try and help your friend when she asks for it. So if the next time, you see people appreciate her more, you can congratulate yourself as well. That’s because you contributed to her success.