Archos Launches Android Powered Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Archos 5 internet tablet Archos has launched a new internet tablet with novel features, which would force Apple to refurbish iPod Touch to match the expertise of Archos 5. Archos 5 internet tablet built on the Google Android platform is packed with a wide range of multimedia entertainment functions.

Archos 5 internet tablet features
Archos has conglomerated entertainment, TV, music player, internet and GPS in a single tablet. Keeping in tune with the high-definition image viewing displays, Archos 5 has been designed to function as a stunning HD portable player. One of the major drawbacks of most computing devices is absence of preinstalled apps.

Archos 5, however, will be loaded with a number of apps, such as Deezer, Dailymotion, Twidroid, eBuddy IM, Droidln, QuickPedia, CraigsPhone, ThinkFree Mobile for viewing Windows Office documents, Moov and High Paying Jobs. Besides these preloaded apps, Archos will also include AppsLib, where users can access free as well as paid applications, including games, social networking and online shopping apps. Moreover, users can personalize the homescreen of this Archos internet tablet, bringing important widgets and related contents to feature on the homescreen of the device.

The 5-inch, high resolution (800 x 480 pixels) touchscreen of Archos 5 with its wide screen viewing format is best suited for viewing HD videos. Archos 5 internet tablet not only supports most music file formats, including MP3, AC3, WMA, AAC, Flac & OGG, but its huge storage space allows users to store up to 290,000 songs. You can also create a photo album or a slide show on your Archos 5, which you can share with your friends or watch on the Archos 5 display or on HD TV through HDMI mini dock or DVR station.

Archos 5 internet tablet powered by Ti OMAP3 processor offers fast internet speed. The internet browsing speed of this tablet is comparable to that of netbooks. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G. Users can access 1000 WebTV channels, 10,000 WebRadio stations and 100,000 podcasts with this internet tablet. Its Email application allows easy access to multiple accounts.

From the Media Club users can download their favorite music and video.

The integrated GPS of Archos 5 could serve as your travel companion. It is also equipped with 3D maps of 2000 cities.

Depending on the storage capacity of the model, Archos 5 internet tablets are priced between $249 and $439. They can be purchased from the websites of Archos and Amazon.


  • george

    It might have helped if you’d used the correct photo. The one you’ve used is that of the old Archos 5 Media Tablet, not the new Archos 5 Internet Tablet.