Apple Bringing New IPhone – IPhone 3GS

iphone-3gs After last year’s much hyped launch of iPhone 3G, Apple is now preparing to launch its next iPhone, which it has named iPhone 3GS. Even though iPhone 3GS looks similar to the iPhone 3G handset, but its technically advanced hardware will make it the speediest iPhone. Hence, the inclusion of the alphabet ‘S’ in the name of the upcoming iPhone model, which denotes speed.

Increased speed
The innovative operating system, incorporated in iPhone 3GS, will make it at least two times faster than iPhone 3G. This handset will also support HSDPA network, enabling data download at a speed of 7.2Mbps.

The upcoming iPhone model will feature an improved camera. IPhone 3GS will feature a 3-mega pixel camera. It will support auto focus and touch to focus, which allows the user to select the focus by the touch of the finger. Users can record videos as a speed of 30fps. IPhone 3GS will also allow instant uploading of videos on Mobile Me and YouTube.

Voice control
IPhone 3GS will support voice controls features. It will support voice dialing. To get information on music being played on the iPhone3G, you simply have to voice your query.

Improved battery life
The battery life of iPhone 3GS will be little better than the iPhone 3G model. You will get some extra talk time on 2G network. Talk time on 2G network will be 12 hours. However, similar to iPhone 3G model, the talk time on 3G network remains the same at 5 hours. Further, the battery of iPhone 3GS you will support 9 hours of video browsing, 30 hours of music play back and 10 hours of video playback on a single charge.

Depending on the price, the iPhone 3GS models will have 16GB and 32GB storage space.

Other features
IPhone 3GS will feature a digital compass, virtual keyboard, MMS and copy and paste feature.

IPhone 3GS will be available in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy from June 19. The 32GB and 16GB models will cost $299 and $199 respectively in USA.