Aphrodisiac Foods

Despite the myths surrounding aphrodisiac foods, in reality these foods boost your sexual drive by supplying your body the necessary nutrients needs to correct any hormonal imbalance that might impair your libido. Deficiency of certain nutrients might distort the chemistry of your brain, which might prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of sex.

Moreover, slackened blood flow through the genitals is a common cause of poor sex drive. By lifting your mood and healing physical ailments that obstruct your sex life, aphrodisiac foods could resolve your sex related problems.

Aphrodisiac foods

The Aztecs revered chocolate as an aphrodisiac. This elixir could lift your mood, preparing you for an exciting sexual adventure. The phytonutrients in cacao could easily arouse the pleasure centers of the brain. This ‘feel good’ food is a great mood booster, capable of eliminating depression, helping you to relax both your mind and body.

Blood circulation through the genitals is imperative for an exciting sexual activity. Munching few cloves of garlic could enhance blood flow in the penis, ensuring a successful erection.

Do you love seafood? A dinner with shrimps, oysters, prawns and crabs could prepare you for a sensual night. Crustaceans are a rich source of zinc, the essential mineral for increasing the sperm count.

Almond is believed to entail aphrodisiac property. A libido boosting drink could be prepared by blending almond with milk and saffron. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of almond to improve libido, the vitamin E, fibers and magnesium attained from the nut could improve your health. And we all know that a healthy body is needed for enjoying sex.

This popular food item on your breakfast menu could help to improve your libido. Bromelain enzymes in banana could improve libido in men. Sprinkling nutmeg powder on banana slices and adding a tablespoon of honey could give you the nutrition you need to satisfy your partner in bed. Both nutmeg and honey are noted for their aphrodisiac properties.

This common culinary herb contains androsterone, which could arouse your sexual desire.

Pepper, ginger, cardamom and asafetida are some common spices that could spice up your sex life.