Antique décor for your house

Antique décor for your house Every person has their own specific tastes about how they want to decorate their house. Some like modern decor while others prefer a rustic style. People whose hobby it is to collect antiques like to display these in their home. Some inherit antique furnishings and collectibles and feel proud to display their legacy in the house décor.

Whatever the reason, decorating with antiques gives quite an interesting look to any living space. Since they belong to a different time period altogether, antique décor creates the mood of another century in your house.

Decorating with antiques, however, is not about randomly displaying your precious collection around the house. In order to lend an antique appearance to your home décor, various factors need to be considered.

Of a particular age
Antiques are valued for their age and authenticity; therefore when you use them in décor maintain the semblance of genuineness. Decorate the house with antiques that belong to a particular time period. If you want to mix and match, use antique décor of different time periods in each room respectively.

Along with time periods such as Victorian, Renaissance and colonial, antiques are also country or region-specific; for instance, French, Japanese, Indian, English, European etc. If you’ve travelled a lot, you may have antiques from various places. Add to these by acquiring more antiques from a favorite region and enhancing your décor.

It’s all in the family
Passing down family heirlooms is a tradition in most families. Displaying these as part of home décor is a way of honoring familial sentiments. Ancestral antiques deserve a special place in your house as their value is more than just in terms of money.

Color and light
Select the paint for each room carefully so that they don’t clash with the décor. The shades you use should enhance the beauty of the antiques. The same rule applies for lights. Using antique lighting in an assortment of designs will add to the charm of your antique décor.

Give your house the ‘antique look’ by decorating with antiques.