Anti Aging Serum

As we grow old, our skin starts aging. Fine lines gradually become deeper, leading to wrinkles and sagging facial skin. Cosmetic stores are flooded with skin care products with anti aging properties. You will come across a wide range of anti aging creams and lotions that claim to delay the aging process. Anti aging serum is one such anti aging product that is widely advertised for its wrinkle treatment property.

Anti aging serum

Anti aging serums are usually more exorbitant than anti aging creams. They have a consistency that is thinner than creams and moisturizers, but not watery. They have a greater penetrating power than anti aging creams. Packed with proteins, antioxidant ingredients and other anti aging substances, anti aging serums are believed to be more effective than other anti aging products.

Some manufacturers of anti aging serums claim that these products tighten and lift the skin, reducing nearly 57 percent of the fine lines and wrinkles. Although few anti aging serums might produce slight improvements on the facial skin within 15 minutes after applying the serum, usually it takes at least seven days to detect any noticeable change in the facial skin.

Benefits of anti aging serum

Anti aging serums usually contain vitamin C, peptides, polypeptides and retinol. Promoting collagen formation is the primary task of these anti wrinkle skin care products. They could tighten enlarged pores of the skin. Anti aging serums containing hyaluronic acid as a major ingredient could be used as a moisturizer for hydrating dry skins. It could prevent as well as reverse skin discoloration and age spots. Often anti aging serums contain herbal extracts such as aloe vera or green tea.

Applying anti aging serum

Before applying the anti aging serum, wash your face and neck with a mild facial cleanser. Pour an appropriate amount of the anti aging serum on your palm. Take a small amount of the serum with your ring finger, and apply the serum all over your face, including the under eye areas. Wait for at least two minutes until the serum is completely absorbed into your facial skin. Now apply a sunscreen moisturizer to protect your skin from the sunlight.