Andropause-Menopause in Men

male-menopause Menopause is generally associated with age related hormonal changes in a woman. However, even men can experience menopause. Male menopause is characterized by changes in the sex hormonal levels.

Male menopause vs. female menopause
Instead of the term male menopause, the term andropause is often used to describe the age-related hormonal changes in men. Male menopause is not as dramatic as female menopause. Male menopause occurs slowly, as the secretion of sexual hormone levels dip gradually. The symptoms of male menopause are not as marked as female menopause and might remain unnoticed for years.

Male menopause symptoms
Male menopause is characterized by fall in the testosterone level in aging men. In fact, throughout the adult life, testosterone secretion falls gradually. After the age of 30, testosterone secretion falls by about 1 percent. By the age of 70, the testosterone level in the body becomes half. During the menopause phase, several gradual physical and emotional changes occur in men. There will be changes in the sex-related activities. The testes might shrink in size. The number of spontaneous erections might drop. There might be loss in libido and impotency. Low testosterone level can make a man emotionally disturbed. He may suffer from low self-esteem and depression. Disturbed sleeping pattern and insomnia can be symptoms of male menopause. There might be sudden increase in body weight, decrease in bone mass, muscle weakness and hair loss. During the menopausal phase, men can experience hot flashes and tender breast. However, the symptoms of male menopause vary from person to person. It is possible that some men with low testosterone level will not experience any symptoms of male menopause. Often other diseases display symptoms similar to male menopause. To ascertain whether you are suffering from male menopause, you should check your testosterone level through a blood test.

Dealing with male menopause
Often male menopause is viewed as a mid age crisis. Sometimes men undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy to replenish the lost testosterone level in the body. Male menopause is associated with several emotional problems. To overcome mental stress, it is important that you have the support of your partner. Regular exercises, moderate drinking and staying away from smoking can help men overcome most of their menopause related symptoms.