An affair to celebrate

committed-relationship We don’t always need a special occasion to celebrate. And we don’t always have to celebrate with pomp and style. Being in a loving and committed relationship involves celebrating it often. Sure you have anniversaries, but why wait a whole year to celebrate your love?

Remember the first time you met – the excitement, the closeness, the passion for each other that never was satisfied? Rekindle that light in your relationship again. Experience the strong emotions, the desire to be together all the time.

Every relationship is different and you’ll probably have various special things to celebrate in your love. Below are listed a few common ‘occasions’ for celebration:

The first kiss
The first kiss with your beloved is a special memory. Whether it took place on a beach or at the bus stop, it doesn’t really matter. Every year you can remember that day and remove time to spend with each other doing something you both love. Maybe you could go to one of your regular haunts as a dating couple or prepare a special meal together.

Surprise celebration
Surprise your beloved with a weekend holiday when he or she least expects it. It would make the occasion more special if you were commemorating something from your past. It might be a place where your loved one has always wanted to visit, your honeymoon destination, the place you got married etc.

It seems silly to date each other when you’re already in a relationship, but at least it gives you time to be together. Was there a particular dating pattern you followed when you first began going out? Retain it or start a new one.

For example, make a plan to always have lunch at your favorite restaurant on the first Monday of every month. Or have breakfast in bed every second Saturday. Take turns in preparing the breakfast for each other. It’ll be a ritual you both love.

Your relationship may have its own special memories and moments. So go ahead and celebrate every one of them. Ah, to be in love!