Alternatives To Disposable Diapers For Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Disposable Diapers All of us are aware of the importance of eco friendly lifestyle. By increasing use of recyclable products, we are trying to arrest the rising environmental pollution. However, despite our efforts, unknowingly we contribute to environmental pollution everyday. Even the disposable diapers that our babies are wearing are building up significant amount of waste that could prevent eco friendly living. For the sake of convenience, we use disposable diapers for our kids. The practical benefits of using these diapers could not be ruled out.

Nonetheless, it is estimated that in US itself disposable diapers form 5 percent of landfill waste. Moreover, it takes about 500 years for the diapers to decompose.

Return to old-fashioned cloth diaper
You can consider using cloth diaper for your baby. These diapers are reusable. However, to prevent nappy rash or infection, remember to wash the cloth diapers regularly. It is advisable to soak the diapers for several hours in a bucket of water, this helps to loosen the stains and traces of feces.

Always wash the diapers in hot water. Use a mild detergent for washing. Do not use any fabric softener in the laundering process. Fabric softener reduces the absorption capacity of the diaper. Rinse the diaper properly so that no trace of detergent remains on the fabric. It is advisable to rinse the diapers twice. You can add half a cup of vinegar to the water during the second rinse. Dry the cloth diaper in direct sunlight or in your dryer on high heat.

Biodegradable diaper
Biodegradable diapers are available in the form of flushable diapers. Although, the danger of clogging toilets while flushing the diaper remains an important issue, these biodegradable diapers are usually designed to pass through the drains without clogging them.

Homemade baby wipe solution
You can also make baby wipe solution with natural ingredients. An herbal baby wipe solution is usually safe for the infant’s tender skin. To make homemade baby wipe solution you need two cups of distilled water, two drops of tea tree oil, and two drops of extra virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Blend the ingredients and your baby wipe solution is ready.

Early potty training
This is not an easy task, but to reduce the use of diapers some experts suggest the importance of starting potty training at an early age.