All you need to know about the bird flu- Avian Influenza

avian-influenza The disease Avian Influenza which is most commonly know as the bird flu , generally spreads due to the trans- border migration of the birds during the winter. It is a kind of very dangerous virus that has been a nightmare for the people all over the country. To prevent the spreading, thousands of ducks and chickens has been culled in the Asian and European countries. , but the human deaths seems to be increasing day by day.

Avian means bird and influenza means flu. It is a kind of infection caused to the birds due to viruses. This occurs naturally among the birds. The birds carry this virus in their intestines and are never affected by the viruses.

However this disease is so contagious that sometimes the birds tend to feel sick and finally die.

This disease has many forms based on the proteins on their surface. For the type A virus the proteins are named as hemagglutinin HA and neuraminidase NA. These are also sub divided among sixteen and nine respectively. There also can be many different combinations of the proteins which make the subtypes diverse. The type A virus found in the birds generally does not affect the humans. Viruses like (H1N1, H1N2 and H3N2, which are subtypes of the type A virus, generally effects the humans. It has been experimented that bird flu doesn’t affect humans at all but the recent deaths has created confusion in the minds.

The general symptoms of the disease are-  fever, soar throat, cough, muscle aches, eye infections, pneumonia, severe respiratory diseases. But we must know that this disease is non transferable.

People should stay away from poultry farms and contaminated surfaces, and should be very careful while cooking poultry items. The medicines prescribed by the doctors should be consumed regularly.

Although some of the medicines may become ineffective to this disease.

There is one more kind of Type A virus know as H5N1 virus, which spreads easily in the humans. The usual treatment is using some of the antiviral medications such as oseltamavir and zanamavir, for the purpose. However research is going on for further development.