All you need to know about eczema

eczema Eczema is a common skin disease in which the skin gets inflamed and the patient feels an itchy feeling on the area. It looks somewhat similar to that of rash. In the medical terms it is known as dermatitis. This disease is caused by the lack of body moisture. The treatment generally involves medicines to reduce the itching. This disease is generally caused to the children and it can be controlled. You must remember the more you escape from sweat and heat the more you will prevent this disease.

The natural symptoms of the Eczema are dryness and red patches with much itching. It generally appears on the forehead, scalp, elbow, knees, neck etc. This disease is found to be inherited, so there is no preventive measure to control it.

Eczema can be easily avoided if you tend to keep the skin less dry, which is keeping the skin full of moisture. You can use any mild soap to wash the skin and pat it well after washing, never rub it. Then you should use a good quality of moisturizer to prevent it from drying. A doctor recommends that you should put moisturizer in the body four to five times a day to prevent eczema.

Certain things are needed to be followed by you to keep your child free from the skin disease. Firstly bathe your child in lukewarm water rather than very hot water; the bath should not be very long. Never use a soap or washcloth.

After the bath use a good quality of moisturizer. Then dress your child with loose clothes. Your child should be kept away from pets and allergic foods. Some doctors treat the patients with ultraviolet rays, which soothe the skin. Doctors generally treat the patients with some steroids. There are different kinds of steroids available in the market, but one that is bearable to the skin should be used.


  • hi, thank for sharing your own experiance through this post. please consult your doctor before using any type of cream or lotions to avoid risks. i wish you all good health.