All about a bridesmaids’ luncheon

bridesmaidse28099-luncheon One more event connected to weddings, in addition to the many others, is the bridesmaid’s luncheon. The bridal party has enough work with the shower and the bachelorette party without a luncheon on their heads too. But at the luncheon the bridesmaids can sit back while the bride or someone else hosts this event.

The bridesmaid’s luncheon is an informal get-together for the girls before the big day. The bride can take this opportunity to thank her maid of honor and bridesmaids; and if necessary, apologize for behaving like a bridezilla!

The guest list
The guests of honor are, of course, the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Others invitees are mothers of the bride and groom, sisters, cousins and a few close friends. The guest list should be kept as small as possible as the luncheon is best as an intimate affair rather than a big party.

Not a luncheon
The event doesn’t have to be a luncheon if that’s not your style. You could opt for a fancy dinner, brunch, slumber party, picnic etc. Basically, it should be an activity that the bride and her company can enjoy together. The venue can be a hotel, club, the bride’s home etc.

Word of mouth
In the spirit of keeping it informal and intimate, avoid sending out invitations. It will only add to your already overflowing task list. Call up everyone involved and let them know the day and time.

You can be eco-friendly by saving paper. Mostly, the bridesmaid’s luncheon is held a couple of days before the wedding.

Enjoying the event
Planned activities are not necessary at the luncheon. Food, drinks, laughter and talks will pass the time effectively. The married ladies can tell their wedding stories for the benefit of the unmarried ones. This is also a good occasion for the bride to present her gifts to her maid of honor and bridesmaids.

Honor and thank bridesmaids for all their help and patience during the wedding preparations with a party held especially for them.