Alice Springs – Beauty In Australian Desert

Alice Springs The rugged terrain of Alice Springs, covered by red dirt, is a popular destination for tourists in Australia. In the early 20th century, visitors to this Central Australian town comprised mainly of explorers searching for gold, rubies and other precious gems in the Australian desert. Nowadays, Alice Spring is a popular tourist hub. Here visitors come to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape and spend a few days amidst the serene natural ambiance.

Arriving here
There are direct flights operating between Alice and other major Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. Bus services operate between Alice and Adelaide.

Alice Springs attractions
The desert climate of Alice Springs makes this region of Australia an appropriate place for outdoor activities. Bush walking, trekking and swimming are favorite pastimes of visitors to this desert town.

Araluen Cultural Precinct
The art, culture and the tradition of the original residents of the region are preserved in the Araluen Cultural Precinct. It houses art galleries, displaying enviable pieces of arts created by the artists of the region. Araluen Cultural Precinct also houses several scared sites of the Arrernte people.

Alice Springs Desert Park
Australia is noted for its picturesque parks. Alice Springs Desert Park is one of the popular parks of the country. Park guides, many of whom are the aboriginal residents of the region, will take you through the woodlands. Visit to Alice Springs Desert Park will change your idea of the desert being a barren wasteland devoid of life. The walking trail will take you to the Sand Country, Desert Rivers and the Woodland. On your way, you will see indigenous animals, reptiles and birds of the Australian desert.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden
This reserve of Alice Springs is home to several indigenous trees and shrubs. You can climb to the summit of the Meyer’s Hill to arrive at a sacred site of the local Arrernte people.

Alice Spring Reptile Centre
If you are not haunted by nightmares of creepy reptiles, you can catch them in action in the Reptile Center. Here you will watch pythons and a large variety of lizards.

Beyond Alice Springs Town
Your visit to Alice Springs should not be confined to the Alice Springs Township. The MacDonnell Range, Finke Gorge National Park, Simpson Desert and the North of Alice should be on the itinerary of visitors to Alice Springs.