After School Snacks for Kids

school-snacks-for-kids Kids are normally hungry when they return from school. They will go straight to the kitchen searching for food. They generally eat lunch before 12 noon or even before 11.30 AM. They have to travel some distance either by bus or walk if the school is close to your home. Make sure that nutritious snacks or food is ready. They may be tired after 6 hours long school and probably two hours journey everyday. They will concentrate on studies if they are given some snacks after returning from school.

Enquire at what time they take lunch. Some kids don’t want to cut snacks and eat. Pack the snacks in small packets or in small boxes for ready eating.

Don’t give too much food after school. Make sure that they have room for dinner. The food habits may vary depending on the age.

Don’t include potato chips and cakes in their food. They are low in nutrition. Give foods that are low in fat, sugar and rich in vitamins, calcium, proteins, fiber and other nutrients.

A snack vending machine would be helpful for evenings. Carefully observe the labels of the snacks in the bakery to make sure that snacks are rich in vitamins, calcium, fiber, proteins and other nutrients.

Some parents may not be able to reach home before 7 PM. Make arrangements to have some snacks at home when they arrive. You may also tell them to buy the snacks from the vending machine.

Older kids may like to eat whole grain crackers topped with pear slices and cheese, mini pitas or fruit smoothie. Younger kids enjoy eating fruit kabobs, egg boats and creative snacks. You can also serve sandwiches.

If your child goes for tuition straight from the school, give them pocket money to buy snacks from the nearby bakery or shop. You can also pack snacks in a small packet and give them to eat after school. Foods suitable for packing include dried or fresh fruits, low sugar whole grains, nuts, trail mix, cut-up and vegetables.

Try to serve dinner after 7 PM.