African Style Home Decoration

african-style-home-decoration Do you want to revamp your house? To ease the job of decorating your house, first choose a theme for decorating your house. If you love nature and antiquity, perhaps you can try African style décor.

Africa is a large continent with cultures that widely vary from each other. The craft from Morocco can be quite different from the craft of Serengeti.

Therefore, your choice of furniture and artifacts is quite large. Décor from North African countries will have a strong Arabian influence. Art and craft from the East African countries reflect the African tribal lifestyle. Artifacts from the southern part of the continent are often inspired by the colonial style.

African style home décor is not limited to placing African art and artifacts in your room. It also means choosing the right color for your walls, choosing the right furniture and upholstery.

Your wall color should reflect the colors abundant in nature. Africa is noted for its lush grasslands. Therefore, various shades of green can be your natural choice. Purple and blue are other colors suitable for an African style house.Instead of using a single color, you can use different shades of brown, black, blue, yellow, orange and red to highlight specific areas of the room. Warm and bright colors are compatible with African home decoration theme. However, warm colors make you rooms appear smaller. If you have small sized room, you can add lighter shades of warm colors to the walls, and place bright colored accessories in the room. This helps to create a balance in your room. However, if you have a large sized room, you can liberally use vibrant colors on walls and accessories.

Wood will be the choicest material for furniture. You should choose upholsteries made of natural fibers. You can opt for Safari-style furnishing with bold animal prints.

Hang African masks and weapons on walls. African wooden statues will further enhance the African element in your room. The artifacts should have a natural finish. While buying African arts and artifacts try to get authentic pieces. Handcrafted African statues dedicated to different aspects of life, such as fertility, money, health, peace etc, can be used for decorating your room.