Acute Appendicitis Diagnosis And Back Pain Relief With Smartphone

Diagnosing acute appendicitis with smartphones There are so many things that we can do with our smartphones. Besides functioning as a mobile communication device, your smartphone has replaced your digital camera, music player and PC. You can use your smartphone for finding directions, shopping and playing games. To make your smartphone even more indispensable, apps have been created to diagnose diseases and even heal back pain.

Diagnosing acute appendicitis with smartphones
What happens when you experience a sudden sharp and intolerable abdominal pain, and after arriving at the local hospital, you are told that the radiologist is vacationing in Hawaii? Hundreds of factors might be responsible for this sudden abdominal pain, and a CT scan is necessary to diagnose the exact cause of the discomfort. Acute appendicitis could be one of the causes of the pain that needs immediate medical attention. Delay in diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis could rupture the inflamed appendix. This is a life threatening condition. At such a critical juncture, your smartphone could step in to bail you out of this problem. The CT scan images could be transmitted through a mobile device to the smartphone of the radiologist located in a distant location. With the help of the OsiriX Mobile medical image viewing software, the radiologist could view the CT scan images in full resolution on the display of his smartphone and identify the problem. In a University of Virginia study, researchers successfully used an iPhone, equipped with the OsiriX Mobile medical image viewing software, for diagnosing acute appendicitis.

Mobile phone cures back pain
Taiwanese researchers have discovered a novel way of curing back pain. They have developed a chip, which is as small as a coin, to work as a spinal cord stimulator, to alleviate your back pain. Replacing implanted batteries, this chip will be powered by your mobile phone. This back pain relief chip contains two electrodes. When connected to the mobile phone, the chip will emit electromagnetic waves. Although, this mobile phone powered back pain chip is yet to be tested on humans, in the near future you can easily use your mobile phone for a rejuvenating body massage.


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