A surprise birthday party

surprise Make the birthday of your loved one a special occasion by throwing a surprise birthday party for them; while it will require a lot of planning, preparation and coordination, the surprised look on the face of the birthday person will be worth all the effort. Just make sure you have a camera to capture the moment!

Executing the surprise with precision and skill is important for a successful celebration. Certain points need to be remembered while planning a surprise birthday party.

Off the track

The birthday boy or girl should be clueless about the planned event. So throw them off the track with an invented story. Say that you can’t have a birthday celebration for them because of a certain problem – huge workload, illness etc. This way they won’t expect or suspect anything.

You can also say that you’ve planned a birthday dinner in a restaurant, or you’re taking them to a football game (if they love football). Then hold the surprise party on a day other than the actual birthday. It will be a surprise as they won’t have expected it.

Out of the way

Arrange for them to be out of the way on the day of the party. Make prearranged plans for someone to take them out for shopping, lunch, buying a present, or any activity they love.

Guest pest

Even if you and your family are extra careful about the surprise, one of the blabbermouth guests may blab. Highlight in the party invitation that it is a surprise birthday party.

Call them a day before and remind them to come early so no one is outside when the guest of honor arrives. Assign a trustworthy person to manage the guests before the surprise is revealed.

Surprise after surprise

Have another surprise planned during the party in case the initial surprise doesn’t work out. It can be an old school friend of the birthday person, who he or she hasn’t met in a long time, a musical performance by some friends or a favorite musician etc.

Finally, turn down the lights and hide as the birthday person arrives: Surprise!!