A simple wedding story

planning-a-wedding1 You may have heard that planning a wedding is not a simple matter: there are myriad details that need careful attention. Yet in difficult times such as the current financial crisis, we need to compromise. It may not be possible to have a lavish affair but a simple wedding is always a good option.

Of course, it’s not just troubled times that necessitate simple weddings. Some might be fulfilling their heart’s desire by getting married in a civil court, a backyard, a chapel or the street. Having a simple, uncomplicated affair not only saves time and money but also keeps your peace of mind.

So how do you bring about this miracle? With the help of planning, organization and creative thinking, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams. Keep your budget, aims and time frame in sight at all times. Work around these three factors. Every decision that you make connected to the wedding may require consideration of the above.

A court wedding is as simple as it gets. There’s no fuss and requires minimal preparation. You can also have a church ceremony and then throw a party for friends and family.

Plan the wedding yourself: hiring the services of a wedding planner not only means extra cost but also unwanted extravagance.

Traditional weddings can be simple depending on how the various arrangements are handled. The venue can be the bride or groom’s house or garden. If you belong to a club or have contacts at a hotel, try to get a good price. Decorate the venue yourself with the help of family.

Simple and elegant ensembles for the bridal party are necessary. Too much of glitter and shine does not a simple wedding make. Select outfits in natural colors that can be worn as part of everyday wear. The guest list needs to be short and sweet. It enables you to keep the menu simple and saves money on invitations too.

The moral: ‘Simple’ and steady wins the race!