A safe wedding story

wedding-crashers In the excitement of planning a wedding, we often forget about everything else in our life. Quite natural too, since a wedding is no small affair and definitely not ‘all in a day’s work’. But remember that after all the trouble you take to make that day happy and special, forgetfulness and carelessness should not reverse the result.

One can never be too safe in these days of danger and uncertainty. Evil forces always try to take advantage of the innocent man’s ignorance. Don’t let these lawbreakers ruin your wedding day. Along with shopping for dresses and selecting music bands, make security arrangements for a safe wedding.

Home, safe home
If you’re having the wedding at home, then protecting your valuables is a must. Of course, all the guests in your house will be family and friends; but there’s always a bad apple that strays into a basket of good ones. So keep your personal belongings securely locked away.

In case the reception is at a hall, then your house will be empty and locked. Thieves wait for such opportunities — after all, your wedding plans won’t be a secret — and breaking and entering is not uncommon. Arrange for a neighbor, friend or well-known house-sitter to look after your house in your absence.

Gift guard
All the pretty and expensive gifts you receive lie on a pretty table unattended while everyone enjoys the wedding. A big mistake! Even if you haven’t spent money on those gifts, other people have and you’ll definitely need them in your future life. Arrange for someone to take care of the gifts or store them away under lock and key.

Wedding crashers
The movie of the same name is a good example of how wedding crashers can steal their way into people’s lives. Forget about the romantic story: that seldom happens in real life. Know all your guests and look out for unfamiliar faces. Ask some of your close friends and relatives to do the same.

Observe the necessary precautions and live safely and happily ever after!