A Quiet Vacation In Grenada

Grenada Throughout the year, the Caribbean islands are hotspots of tourist activities. The enchanting natural beauty of these wonderful islands attracts visitors from all over the world. Besides the larger populous islands of the region, few islands have not yet occupied prominent spots in the tourism map of the world. Grenada with its immense natural splendor is one of the least visited Caribbean islands. If you are searching for a blissful quiet vacation far removed from the bustle of chaotic city life, you can head to Grenada Island.

Arriving here
Grenada does not have any strict entry requirement. As long as you have a valid passport and onward ticket, you are allowed to explore this lovely island. Several direct flights from neighboring Caribbean islands connect Grenada to rest of the world.

Time to go
Grenada is a year round destination. From January to April is the best time to visit the island. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the rain splashed tropical island, you can choose to visit Grenada between June and November.

St. George’s
After stepping out of the Point Salines International Airport, your trip to Grenada begins by exploring St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. The narrow labyrinth lanes of the town are lined by colonial style buildings. The stone churches, the quaint shops and Fort George towering over the town will remind you of an old European town. St. George’s is noted for its picturesque waterfront. You can explore the harbor and enjoy the appetizing seafood served in the seaside restaurants. The 18th century Fort Fredrick standing on the Richmond Hill is another attraction of this small Caribbean town. The Annandale Falls is a micro-paradise worth visiting. To know the history of this small country, pay a visit to the Grenada National Museum. The Levera National Park, located northeast of St. George’s is the place to swim and snorkel. For a hiking trip through the lush rainforest, go to the Grand Etang National Park.

After spending a day or two in St. Georges, you can head to Carriacou. This small island of Grenada despite its abundant natural beauty is often not included in the itinerary of most travelers. Carriacou is framed by lovely beaches and hills covered with dense tropical vegetation.

Grand Anse Bay
The golden sand beach of Grand Anse Bay is one of the scenic places of Grenada, which you should not miss.