A new version of web mail by AOL

aol-logo AOL has launched a one step access to the mail of yahoo and gmail through its latest software named AOL beta web mail. This enhanced version has the features of customization capabilities, and also over-the-air mobile sync of AOL Calendar and Address Book. We can download it form the link http://beta.webmail.aol.com . This software has updated its list of available plugins, a set of advance Application Programming Interfaces for the ad developers of the site and the software gives access to the favorite web sites and contents in a flash. as it keeps track of the web sites when it opens.

This software has integrated the services of mail form a third party mail service, instant messaging over the web and getting the desired contents in a flash. The most enhanced option of the software is that developers can develop plugins which are useful for the web and integrate them with the software. It can accommodate many different types of plugins. It has a gallery of plugins. It has also a set of over 45 skin colors that we can choose to make it more attractive. Third party developer teams can sign up with http://dev.aol.com/mail to get all the information of creating plugins.

The other functions of the software are that , it has an over-the-air mobile sync of AOL Calendar and Address Book which lets the software to be updated with wireless deices like phone or blackberry. The user also has a right to customize his calendar in the software using a third party supplier. One can download the software free of cost and start the mail service form the AOL mail service or e-mail created through the site http://www.tunome.com,. This site can be used to create an e-mail address as it has as much as 150 custom domains. So we find that AOL has created a very advanced tool for web communications.