A Dreamy Retreat At Home

dreamy-retreat-at-home Do you want a dreamy retreat at home, where you can relax without a worry in the world? Now you don’t have to go on a weekend getaway or a wellness spa for your peace of mind because you can find relief in the most romantic corner of your home. Yes, it is your bedroom. If your bedroom is a peaceful corner, then you would not want go anywhere else.

Pillows for the Bed

You cannot call a bed truly romantic if you do not use many pillows. You can use several pillows in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to decorate your bedroom. You can place two square-shaped, big pillows against the bed’s headboard. They should preferably be European-sized. In front of them you can use colorful rectangular pillows.

If you use small pillows in different shapes and finishes then you can add dimension as well as texture to your room. You can choose pillow cases with different laces and weaves. In addition to these you should make sure that the mattress of your bed is sturdy and good for offering support.

Area Rug for the Floor

In order to make your bedroom nice and cozy you can place a good area rug on the floor of your bedroom. Nowadays it is possible to get area rugs in a variety of textures, shades, and weaves. With the help of a proper area rug you can add more comfort and richness to your already luxurious room. Even if the floor of your room has a carpet or is laminated, you can easily use an area rug of your choice.

Lighting for your Bedroom

For a cozy bedroom the lighting should be good and of low wattage. In case you want to read while lying down on your bed you can use a three-way bulb for your side table lamp. Make sure that you have positive books on your bedside table so that you read about good things before dozing off.