A basket of gifts

basket-of-gifts Giving gifts is a tedious business for some people. Sometimes, there are many options to select from, and at other times you don’t what to give because the receiver has everything already. To solve this dilemma, a delightful and meaningful gift basket is a great idea.

Gift baskets typically contain an assortment of gifts. They could be perishables and non-perishables. Common gift baskets containing chocolates, wallets, perfumes etc are available at gift shops. But the best gift basket is that which reflects the occasion and likes of the receiver.

For the young graduate
Graduation is a time that evokes mixed emotions. The sadness of leaving family and school behind and the joy of starting a new life in college is a dichotomy of that important life phase. The gifts need to reflect this clash between the old and the new.

A photo album containing pictures of parties and other special occasions of the preceding years could be part of a gift basket to a young graduate. A mix tape of songs that he or she liked is another great addition. Décor items or gadgets that college freshmen could use in their dorm would be ideal to initiate their new life.

For the love of your life
For a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, the gift basket should be made with careful consideration. You ought to know them well enough to give them their heart’s desire. Avoid standard gifts like chocolates, flowers, wallets, cologne, or perfumes (unless he or she actually wants these things!)

If you don’t know them well (i.e. if it’s a new relationship) then take trouble to learn more about them. Have long talks with them about what their past was like and what are their dreams for the future.

It could be a rare book that they’ve always wanted to read, or tickets to a concert or a destination they yearn to visit. Combine these with their favorite edible item like dark chocolate, a special kind of coffee etc.

Put more than gifts in a gift basket, put love!