3G web accelerator by Optus-the fastest ever 3G service on earth

iphone-optus Optus has decided to integrate 3G accelerator service on the iphones, to speed up internet service across 3g networks. These accelerators are also known as proxies. The issue of launching the product was delayed for a while because of the massive amount of production of iphones across the country. It was found that most o the people of the world used the wireless technology for surfing the net. From then the company decided to launch the speed accelerators and improve its web site as well.

Besides accelerators this company has also integrated many advanced technologies to provide excellent speed to its customers. Now the HTTP web traffic could be routed automatically through the accelerators. When it was tested, it was found that there was an increase of 10 to 50 percent of speed for downloading the web pages. The customers also said that they noticed a great difference of browsing speed. Now they are trying to integrate this technology across all the hand sets.

Although this technology can be integrated in all the major handsets brands, some devices like the RIM’s Blackberry services that mainly use WAP gateways cannot be routed through the accelerator. But the authority said that they are trying to use the technology on the majority of handsets. The actual process of mechanism of accelerators is that it strips off unnecessary IP transactions and caching data form the data packets. So the useless packets are not sent through the line. This increases the speed and also protects against data loss.

Now by using this accelerator, people can fast access busiest sites like Google. These accelerators are also used to play videos form the sites at a much fast streaming rate. The authority is pleased with the performance of the product and has decided to scale up the production to make it available for all the users across the world.